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3 Habits that increases Productivity

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

First and Foremost

1. Practicing GRATEFULNESS

Are you a glass half full, or glass half empty type of person?

Gratitude can greatly affect our attitude. If you’re constantly stuck worrying about the things you don’t have, & the things you can’t change, you’ll be stuck in a downward spiraling warp of self defeat. Listen!!!! Don't drown yourself in your own self-destructing thoughts. A grateful heart leaves room for growth.


2. Organizing

Do you have an area that you dedicate solely for working on your ideas and/or business? If not, then let’s start there. Organize a space that you use only for business purposes. It doesn’t have to be a big space. Just somewhere in your home that can be transformed into a work space when needed.

*For Example, I currently use my dining area as my work station. I just move things around, and voila. I have an entire area dedicated to my work. It only takes a minute to transform.

Now that you've found a space what comes next? Organize, organize, organize. Why?? Because There’s absolutely nothing like working in a clean environment. My mind feels so much more clearer after I’ve organized my work space area, and a clear mind is exactly what you need. You ever hear the phrase "I can't hear my own thoughts?". When there's noise all around you, the last place you'd want/need that noise to appear is in your own head space.

Which leads me to the main benefit of organizing.

Being organized promotes a clear mindset. As well as thinking clearly enough to set plans into action, and manage time appropriately. All of which are needed for all of those great ideas you’re thinking of, am I right?!


3. Pause for the Cause.. A.K.A Taking Breaks

Be hardworking! Be committed to your cause! Be ambitious! Be a go-getter!

Be all these things AND MORE when it comes to aiming and reaching for your goals. BUT, remember to also be wise! Know that you can’t just go, go, go,go, go without taking a break both physically and mentally. Give your mind, and body a break.


Try these relaxation tips for about 5 minutes, in between working.

~Stretch (neck stretches, back stretches, legs, etc)

~meditate (repeat a mantra, or positive statement to help you through the day)

~sit down. (take a few deep breaths in, and out, aiming to release stressful energy)

Do whatever you need to do to let yourself recover, even if it's just a 5 minute stretch, or walk. Recovery time is needed. Give yourself the gift of downtime. Then watch as you produce even greater ideas, and results.

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