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7 Daily Motivating Mantras to Inspire you throughout the week

What is a mantra? & How is it beneficial?

A mantra is any word or phrase that is repeated for the purposes of meditation, and/or concentration. Simply put, it is a way to get rid of any negative chitter chatter going on the brain. It’s Replacing self-doubt with self-confidence; or thoughts of self-defeat with those of victory.Having a daily mantra does wonders for the psyche which in fact, is great for your mental health. It can be the difference between an overwhelming, and chaotic mind versus one filled with peace, and understanding. I have formulated a list of 7 mantras that I hope will be an inspiration for you guys throughout the week. There’s one for every day of the week, but feel free to refer back to them whenever the need strikes.


I will LIVE this day, not loathe it.

Since Monday is typically the most dreaded weekday for most, let’s approach it with a mantra that will attract a more lively type of energy.

I get it, guys. It’s been a great weekend, although too short, and Monday is right around the corner ready to just ruin it all. At least that’s what we think. Monday has such a bad rap, and all it ever did was inconveniently come after Sunday.

Just as you lived it up when Friday night finally came, choose to do the same come Monday morning. I mean, Monday is literally just a word created to give name to a particular day of the week. That is all! How we approach the day is completely up to us.



Have you ever heard the phrase “I didn’t know my own strength”? It usually is said after achieving something that was once assumed to be impossible, or too hard. For example, stepping out of your comfort zone to do something you've always wanted to. Now first of all, stepping out of your comfort zone is scary enough, so I applaud anyone who decides to take that leap. Secondly, trying something new takes courage. Will you be good at it, or extremely terrible? Who knows? Well, definitely not you, if you never even go for it. Don't hold back because you're afraid. You can totally do it, guys!

Here's a little secret: It's all in the mind! The mind is a powerful thing. What we think becomes what we believe.

Repeat today's mantra over and over until you feel strength coursing throughout your body. Train your mind. It's the key to becoming unstoppable. You are powerful. Don't doubt it for a minute. Not even a second. Believe that you are with ALL that you are. It’s so important to know your strength. Again, YOU ARE POWERFUL (if I could say this 1000 times to you I would). Make today the day that you believe it!


I will rise above.

Work stress, mental fatigue, home drama, and all-around worrying. These are just some of the things we deal with throughout our hectic, and busy lives. And is it just me, or does dealing with these things seem to take over the mind almost completely some days?

Thinking, making decisions, adulting, and re-thinking things on a daily basis becomes a bit much. It's exhausting, really. Today's mantra is one of letting go of trying to control it all, and in doing so, rising above it. Instead of being weighed down by all the pressure, release it. We can't be in control of everything, and that's absolutely okay. Give yourself a break today, and take a moment for YOU!


"Little by little one walks far" -Peruvian Proverb

Take your time. 3 words I say to myself literally, everyday. Anyone that knows me, personally, would probably tell you that I'm not the most patient person in the world. What can I say, I'm a work in progress. That being said, I know I'm not alone. If you are anything like me, or if you simply need a daily reminder that you can't conquer the world in a matter of 24-hours, then this is a good mantra worth remembering, and repeating. Remember that progress is more important than the pace.


I am Special.

And not just on today. You are special everyday. I know you have something special to offer this world, and to yourself. One thing I've learned from yoga is that everyone teaches differently. There's no ONE set way to instruct. We teach according to who we are, how we feel, and what our students need. It doesn't matter how many people are doing the same job as you, or have the same hairstyle as you, or wearing the same exact outfit as you. You, as an individual, have a something different to offer. Maybe you added accessories to the outfit, or maybe you did the job more thorough than your

co-worker. Either way you did it how you saw fit. Take that something special about yourself, and bring it the forefront today. Display it for the world to see!


Seize The Day - poem

Seize the day, for time is passing. Seize the day, your days amassing.

Your time to live, and do, and be is now for you a mystery.

To solve each day as it unfolds, and watch the treasure it beholds. -unknown

I chose to include this beautiful excerpt from a poem because it is one that truly inspired me the first time I read it. Also, I wanted to note that personal mantras don't have to come from old historic books that you find hidden deep in a far away land. Your personal mantra can come from anywhere. It could be the lyrics to a song, a poem like the one I included here, a scripture from the Bible, or just whatever floats your boat. You can even come up with your own. Whatever resonates within is what matters. For today's mantra I want you simply read the poem as many times as needed, and let it be an inspiration for you today.


I am grateful.

Gratefulness should be the starter & finisher of everyday. Start today off right with a heart full of gratitude. There is always something to be grateful for. After all is said and done, no matter how much we grow through in life, yes GROW through, we come out on the other side still kicking. We may get tired, hurt, or lose focus, BUT somehow we keep fighting. That alone is praiseworthy, and is something to be grateful for. Grateful that you still live to fight another day. The highs and lows. The good and the bad. It’s all molding us into the masterpieces we’re meant to be. Starting the day as a grateful being, can make all the difference in how you view things the remainder of the day.

I've included a short playlist, (made from my very long and extensive playlist) of a few uplifting songs that I go to, for a nice kick-start to my day. Enjoy!

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