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Are you flexible enough for Yoga?! Read Below for 3 questions that'll help you decide.

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Let's just get right to it!

1.Are you a gymnastics Olympic gold medalist?

2.Are you the prima ballerina?

3.Are you a world renowned Japanese Acrobat?

Chances are the answers to these questions is eerraa No! One of the biggest fears, or concerns of individuals wanting to begin their yoga journey is that of inflexibility. There’s this misconception that without flexibility, you won’t be able to practice, and “be good” at yoga. Or maybe you feel like the asanas won’t “look good” if you’re not as flexible. Yes, yoga can seem to be a bit intimidating with all the asanas you see online, and on social media. Everything looks so clean and perfect. I get it! However, there’s a little trick to achieving those poses, and even to gaining flexibility. Its very simple actually. It’s called practice!! You have to practice. There is no short cut. Those pretty poses you see didn’t happen because they simply wished for it. Annnnd You want to know something else? They are still pics taken for social media. We don’t necessarily get to see the work behind those poses, but I assure you it isn’t always as pretty as the picture. *Btw a little FYI, asana just means pose🙂

I used to drive myself crazy trying to attempt specific poses, only to get upset because I lacked the flexibility to fully get into them. I felt like my asanas weren’t pretty enough. Now let’s Fast forward to when I stopped trying force my body to move into all those uncomfortable poses. I really started to feel the limitations of my body, and I went from there. What I’m getting at is this: flexibility will come. You Just wait, then you’ll see. Practice enough and soon you’ll forget all about trying to master flexibility, and become immersed deeper into your practice. Then one day you’ll realize just how far you’ve come, and not just with flexibility.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, your yoga journey is personal. As I stated earlier, There is a fear of not wanting to begin because of the lack of flexibility, or lack of experience. In actuality, the lack of flexibility, and experience that is preventing you from starting is conversely the same thing preventing you from potentially gaining both those things. Think about that!! You can’t even begin to get better at something until you start working at it. You have to start somewhere!! No one becomes a professional, or expert at anything overnight.

Everyone starts somewhere!!!! The key is to START somewhere. I can’t stress this enough but, Gaining flexibility happens over time with practice, Just like anything else in life you want to be great at. Also, It just so happens that yoga is an individual practice, and you determine what’s good for YOUR body. I imagine The prima ballerina began by learning the basics, or fundamentals, and excelling from there. The same applies for the acrobat, and olympic medalists. No matter the occupation, hobby, or lesson, mastering anything takes practice. Yoga is no different. We often only picture the most flexible yogis out there when it comes to yoga, but that picture in your head is only displaying a part of what yoga is. The truth is that neither flexibility, or experience is necessary to start your practice. All you truly need is the will to start, and the right teacher to help guide you on your journey. Yoga is a way of life. There is a lot more to gain from practicing besides flexibility. There’s so much to learn.

Honestly speaking Yes, flexibility is required on some level, but that level is whatever level you say it is. Wherever you are when you make a decision to begin is the level that is required. It is a personal practice which means You don’t need to be on anyone else’s level but your own. So even if you are the prima ballerina, it all boils down to what you can do as an individual. Then understand that it is enough. Whatever you desire to take away from practicing is up to you. It could just be a good stretch, or it could be a deeper spiritual connection. Or both! Whatever the reason... it’s YOUR OWN reason!

So, let's try again. Instead of asking those 3 questions about how flexible you are, how about just 1 very realistic question to ask yourself to help you decide whether or not you should begin yoga.

1. Do I want to begin practicing yoga?

That is truly the only question that matters. Yoga is essentially for everyone, despite your level of experience, or reasons for practicing. You’d be surprised to know that you are already “good at yoga” by your own standard, not someone else’s. Remember that!

Flexibility is great, but it is not important when deciding to start your yoga journey. It shouldn’t be the deciding factor in whether or not yoga is something you’d like to begin. Don’t be intimidated by those beautiful poses you see on social media. (I used to be) Yoga is for the mind, body, & spirit. Know that you can start at anytime, and with a practitioner that’s right for YOU! They're not all the same. So, still pondering? Well, that’s fine, and completely understandable. Just know that when you’re ready, there’s NOTHING to be afraid of. Don’t flex about it. Get it?😉❤️

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