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If you’ve ever wanted to step out of your comfort zone, but have been too afraid, this blog is for you. Now first things first... breathe! I promise it won’t be as scary as you think.

Let me paint a picture for you. It’s 2016. I’ve graduated with my healthcare management degree, yet I'm still unsure of what to do career-wise. I’m flailing all over the place trying to follow a path that wasn’t truly mine to follow, if I’m being honest. I mean I was stuck in a place of doing things that would seem acceptable as a career. I had studied all things health and medicine for so long that I just figured that it was where I should be. Turns out I was wrong. What I wanted was to help people, but I needed to realize that helping people could be done in numerous ways.

What I actually wanted to be doing? Well, what I love was writing. I knew I had a lot to offer through my writing, and I wanted to share it. However, I had been following one path for so long that I was too afraid to let it go. I would make an attempt every now and then, but I’d never just let go completely. I like to compare it to watching a scary movie.

You know when the scary part is slowly approaching and you start to hide behind the blanket, or your hands. You don’t want to see what’s about happen, but you still peek because at the same time, you don’t want to miss it. Here’s the thing, guys. At the end of the day the movie eventually ends and the fear subsides. Is that any kind of way to live your life though? Constantly peeking, and hiding living in fear? It is not!

We have talents and things to offer this world, but we’re hiding behind the blanket afraid to see how it’ll play out if we take a chance. We step out, or peek every now and then because we want to give it a try, but we’re also scared to completely immerse ourselves in the things we want to go after. Well how do we stop hesitating?

The Secret? Train your mind. Mindset changes EVERYTHING.

Before I actually decided to make a change I remember telling myself it was a matter of choosing between maintaining a life of privacy, or being out and open with the world. When in all actuality, I was choosing between a valid excuse to stay within my comfort zone versus taking that leap. When you think about it, it is definitely like a horror movie. The good news is you can do both, maintain some level of privacy AND remain true to yourself. It is possible. Let me explain why & how.

The Why?

Because YOU are in control. You decide what you want to showcase. Being open to the world does not mean you belong the world. I talk about this more in my book. You can get it here https://books2read.com/u/mBOzEv

A lot of us only showcase to the world what we want it see. Social networks are overflowing with images and videos of all the good and seemingly perfect things going on in people’s lives. We display things that we want people to believe is real. Doesn’t make it right, but that’s exactly why you can do it. By allowing people into your world, little by little, and showing them the things you are willing to share, you are already stepping out of your comfort zone.

The How?

I won’t tell you not to be afraid because let’s face it, it can be scary. But I will tell you not to let that fear stop you! Don’t let it stifle your growth.

Focus more on the overall goal and then remind yourself that in order to get there, a change has to be made. You must DO the work. It’s easy to sit back and daydream, but at some point we have to take action.

Also, have a support group. This one is important to me because we all need help sometime. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started to launch my business and then changed my mind due to fear. I psyched myself out soooo many times. That’s when that support system comes in. Having someone to stop you from turning back when you want to give in is needed. Surround yourself with people that will motivate, and push you to keep going. Even if it’s just one person. Quality is better than quantity, here. Substance is what matters!

Make that leap! That gigantic leap. Seriously, just do it already!! It may feel like you’re hanging in the air for awhile, by yourself, with no one to catch you, but the good news is that once you leap you eventually have to land. Annnnd if we’re being honest the landing may not the prettiest but that’s not what matters. What matters is that you did it. Yaayy!! I’ll tell you in advance, I’m proud of you.

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I’ve gone into further detail explaining just how exactly, do we set our minds at ease. How do we connect the mind to the heart in order to allow ourselves the chance to live out your hearts desires. No more peeking, or hiding. Let’s all go forward full throttle.

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